Sunday, July 5, 2009

PMPs, Maintain your credentials COST effectively

Hi All,

This article will help to those who have recently completed their PMP certification. Now this certificate is valid till next cycle. Each cycle is of 3 years. After each cycle, you need to do recertification. You require 60 PDUs for the same.
(Read this for more information on maintaining your credential )

As a PMP, one has to get 60 PDUs in a span of 3 years. There is no mandatory requirement of PDUs required in each specific year. One can get 60 PDUs in first year of certification or last year of certification. If one gets more than 60 PDUs, a maximum of 20 PDUs earned in the last year of certification will be carry forward to the next cycle.

You can report your PDUs here.
Best practise is report your PDUs when you have all the supporting documents as mentioned in the credential handbook.
A PMP can get PDUs in one of the five categories mentioned in the PMP Handbook.

1) If you are working as a manager, then you can get 5 PDUs per year. This accounts for 15 PDUs. (Category 2H)

2) You can listen to FREE podcasts online, or self paced e-learning etc. (Category 2-SDL)
One can get maximum of 15 PDUs.
Now you have 30 PDUs in your hand at FREE of cost.

3) Another resource is your PMI local chapters monthly meetings. These are FREE and will give you 1 to 2 PDUs per meeting. So if you attend at least 6 such meetings, you will get a minimum of 18 PDUs in a cycle. (Category 3)

4) Volunteering to a PMI activity for 12 months will give 5 PDUs per year. Serving as an elected officer for a project management organization or PMI chapter for 12 months will give 10 PDUs. (Category 5)
One can get maximum of 20 PDUs per cycle.

Now I'll focus on more FREE resources for PDU.
1) Project Management Training Online
One can attend training on "Dynamics of Leadership" .
This will give you 3 PDUs of Category 3 (PMI REP)
Print the course certificate as a proof for completion.
Here you will find more courses to obtain PDUs.
Presently, you can get these at cheaper rate

2) Lean Six Sigma Training Online
One can attend training on "Lean Six Sigma" .
This will give you 3.5 PDUs of Category 3 (PMI REP)
Print the course certificate as a proof for completion.

3) Prodevia Learning
One can attend training on "Project Search and Rescue" .
This will give you 5 PDUs of Category 3 (PMI REP)
This FREE trial course offer ends July 31, 2009.
This is a download material course. Once you complete the reading, you need to fill the online survey. Then you will receive the certificate by email.
Print your registration form and certificate as a proof for completion.

If you are a memmebr of, then by submitting your lessons learned of your exam, you can get FREE 10 PDUs (Category 3 PMI REP)

5) International Institute of Learning, Inc
IIL’s free webinars cover the latest topics in Project, Program and Portfolio Management, Microsoft® Office Project and Project Server, Lean Six Sigma, Business Analysis and more.
Click here to access the webinars.

MetSIG Chair Steve Rollins, PMP recently delivered a series of 10 live, one-hour webinars on the topic of "PMO and the Portfolio: Measuring Towards Value."
Total 10 webinars of worth 10 PDU.
These webinars are free, just enter promo code ADSMET7
Click here to access the webinars.
Category 3 PMI REP.
There are instructions on the home page of for submitting PDUs(1-2 PDU option). Regarding proof that you downloaded the webinar, just savethe email order confirmation with the webinar link.

I'll sign-off now. I have few more links for FREE PDUs that I'll post next time.
Keep visiting this blog for more updates.

Catch you next time,
Mahesh Masurkar, PMP


  1. Thanks for this information. It is helpful.

  2. Thanks Mahesh. Excellent piece of info.

  3. Hi Mahesh,

    thanks for the clarifies a lot of my doubts. But at the same time I am looking for more information on getting free PDU's you posted 2 links which I believe expired in Oct 09.
    Please let us know if you come to know any of new ways / convinient ways of earning PDU's


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